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Invited Lecture

Metal–insulator transition in vanadium oxides films and its applications

Wednesday (07.06.2017)
22:20 - 23:00 Förde II + III
Part of:
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22:20 Invited Lecture Metal–insulator transition in vanadium oxides films and its applications 1 Dr. Keisuke Shibuya
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Transition-metal oxides exhibit various potentially useful electronic properties. Among them, vanadium dioxide (VO2) is of great interest due to the potential application of its prominent properties. It undergoes a metal–insulator transition (MIT) accompanied by a structural change from high-temperature tetragonal to low-temperature monoclinic phases above room temperature. Dimerization of V ions to form spin singlet state opens the gap in the insulating phase, which causes a sharp resistivity jump at the transition temperature. Therefore, numbers of studies have been performed to realize switching devices or sensors operating at room temperature.

I will present the effects of epitaxial strain on MIT in VO2 films on TiO2, MgF2, and Al2O3 substrates. The transition temperature is systematically changed due to the variation of in-plane lattice constants of VO2 films. The transition temperature is also controlled by impurity doping and external stimuli. I will show the phase stability of VO2 on Si substrate for integrating this material with Si-based devices. If time permits, I will also report our recent studies on VO2-based device application.


Dr. Keisuke Shibuya
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology AIST