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Invited Lecture

In operando photoemission spectroscopy of PMN-PT interfaces

Thursday (08.06.2017)
00:20 - 01:00 Förde II + III
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control of the electron flow across interfaces is what makes electronic

devices. The relaxor ferroelectric 0.72PbMg1/3Nb2/3O3-0.28TiO3

(PMN-PT) provides a fertile platform for the study of novel bias-dependent

electrical polarization and lattice strain effects on electronic behavior at

interfaces. For example, at the interface to a metal the fundamental electrical

interface property, the Schottky barrier height, becomes dependent on the

magnitude and direction of the polarization, whereas at the interface to a strongly

correlated material the field-induced strain may drive a metal-to-insulator

transition. A major challenge, however, is to directly probe such modifications

of the interfacial electronic structure in device-like structures.


Here, we demonstrate

that hard x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (HAXPES) is a powerful tool to image

the electronic energy-level alignment at buried interfaces in operando as a function of electrical bias. For the cases of metal/PMN-PT

and VO2/PMN-PT interfaces, we comprehensively track the bias

dependence of the substrate and electrode core levels as well as of the valence

density of states. These spectroscopic data provide an intriguingly direct view

on how key electrical parameters such as the Schottky barrier height and the

density of states at the Fermi level can be tuned in situ by electrical polarization and field-induced lattice strain.

The findings may in particular open novel ways to control the conductivity

across metal-ferroelectric interfaces and of thin VO2 layers,



To further

illustrate the power of the experimental technique, we will finally present the

upcoming fascinating possibility of performing femtosecond time-resolved HAXPES

measurements at the European XFEL, which may enable us to film the electron

dynamics at buried interfaces on fundamental time scales. 



Prof. Dr. Kai Rossnagel
Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel